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While doing our best to insure that all data is accurate and complete, we make no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy and completeness of this information. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting in the use of this site. This includes any viruses, which may infect a user's computer.

Eligibility Statement

We reserve the right to determine the eligibility for all our products and services.

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For your convenience, we have included links to other websites. Although we have reviewed these websites, and find the information useful, we do not represent or warrant the information contained in these linked website pages. By using these linked websites, you acknowledge that we are not liable for any damages resulting in the use of these sites.

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We protect our customers' data through industry approved technologies when information is submitted using our online loan applications, which are maintained on a secure site. This protection is done through data encryption and a firewall.

We want to caution you that sending information through e-mail is not necessarily secure against interception. Therefore, unless you are submitting confidential information using the above-mentioned secured online form, we suggest that you call, send the information through the U.S. mail or stop by one of our offices.

Online banking security utilizes a multi-layered approach to information security. This includes use of 128-bit encryption, verification of user ID and password, monitoring of login attempts and use of an internet firewall.


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