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Alliance One is a network of financial institutions who have joined together to offer FREE ATM SERVICE to their customers. Alliance One has members in 38 states and abroad. See our list below for local participating members and their address. For locations of all participating members, go to www.atmallianceone.org.

Lexington ATM Locations

First Federal Bank
833 Lane Allen Road
3346 Tates Creek Rd.

Members Heritage-FCU
740 W. New Circle Rd.
440 Park Place
3202 Custer Dr.
2417 Harrodsburg Rd.
2432 Fortune Dr.
4300 Winchester Road
507 S. Limestone

Commonwealth CU-KY
3270B Nicholasville Rd.

Park FCU
440 New Circle Rd.

1001 Red Mile Rd.
1101 VA Drive
2549 Regency Rd.
2250 Leestown Rd.

University of Kentucky FCU
1080 Export Street
209 Cooper Dr.
800 Rose St.
874 E. High Street
UK Student Center
106 Ave. of Champions Rd. 249
866 E. High St.
370 Meijer Way

Paramount Bank
2424 Harrodsburg Road
2353 Alexandria Drive, Suite 110

Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co.
215 Southland Drive

The Health & Education FCU
185 Pasadena Dr., Suite 155

American Founders Bank
3750 Palomar Centre Drive
2100 Southview Drive
3616 Walden Drive
318 East Main Street

Liberty Alliance FCU
2421 Members Way

Traditional Bank
163 W. Short Street
3720 Palomar Centre Dr.
2801 Palumbo Dr.
3353 Tates Creek Rd.

Ashland Inc., ECU
3499 Blazer Parkway

Paris ATM Locations

Members Heritage FCU
3960 Lexington Road

Traditional Bank
3333 Lexington Road

Georgetown ATM Locations

First Federal Bank
701 South Broadway

Toyota FCU
1001 Cherry Blossom Way

Members Heritage
101 Shoney Dr.

Town and Country Bank and Trust
101 Canewood Center Dr.

Versailles ATM Locations

Citizens Commerce
231 S. Main St.
300 N. Main St.
US 60 Bypass
534 Marsailles Rd.
275 Beasley Dr.

510 US 60 Bypass
Cntr, Suite A3

Nicholasville ATM Locations

Members Heritage FCU
100 Springdale Rd.

Town Square Bank
150 S. Main St.

Richmond ATM Locations

Park FCU
1300 Gibson Bay Dr.

Members Heritage
890 Richmond Plaza


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